Shutterbug is the story of Alex, a photographer who is frustrated with life, who is tired of meaningless fashion shoots, and who sets off to shoot his own creative work. When shooting the sunrise one morning, he looks into the sun and hurts his eyes. He starts seeing spots and blurs. When he realizes that he has caught a glimpse of another dimension, Alex sets off on a journey to discover the source of his supernatural visions. His journey takes him into the dark underbelly of New York City. Cast: Doug Barron- Jacob's Ladder, Blue Steel, Just visiting Anna Gutto- The Contenders, Millennium Crisis Tamara Knausz- Able Danger, Sopranos, (TV) Reviews: "Mystical, off the wall, trippy!" -Variety "(A Film of) haunting figments, Minos Papas channels both David Lynch and Dante's Inferno." -Time Out NY "Intermittently beautiful! Inspired by Dante's Inferno and Greek mythology, SHUTTERBUG invites us on a photographic odyssey through nighttime Manhatten." - New York Times "Expressionistic and eerie! Referencing Blow Up and After Hours, its a late night descent into post-industrial hell." - The Village Voice "Dark and Dreamlike" -Film Monthly Awards: Winner IndieFest 2009 Winner Honolulu Int'l Film Fest Selling Points: High profile NY Director Well known supporting cast Getting good solid Theatrical play Getting picked up Q2 for VOD/PPV 80 Cab/Sat Operators Cleared for iTunes and Netflix Details: UPC Code: 0-13964-22353-8 Catalogue Number: RSQ-42 Production: 2009 DVD Release Date: 4/2011 Time: 91 mins Genre: Drama/Thriller Shot: HD Aspect: 16X9 Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Available World Wide All Media (except Greece & Cyprus)

DVD - Shutterbug