One of the most subversive sitcoms ever, Twitch City tells the discordant tale of Curtis (Don McKellar, Last Night, who also wrote the series), a stunted slacker who's emotionally incapable of leaving the apartment he shares with his despised roommate Nathan (Daniel MacIvor, The Five Senses). When Nathan is arrested for accidentally murdering a bum, Curtis seizes the opportunity to rent out Nathan's room and woo Nathan's neurotic girlfriend, Hope (the ever-delectable Molly Parker, Deadwood, Kissed)--so long as their romance doesn't interfere with watching lurid talk show The Rex Reilly Show (host Reilly was played by Kid in the Hall Bruce McCullough in Twitch City's first series, then by Kid in the Hall Mark McKinney in the second). The hero of this Canadian series is lazy, narcissistic, untrustworthy, and addicted to television, but that's not what makes Twitch City subversive; it's something far more slippery, something to do with the show's all-around unwholesome flavor--imagine, if you will, Three's Company as directed by David Lynch. Your average sitcom doesn't build entire episodes around mysterious pineapple almond cookies, cats controlling the world, or infestations of Nazis. Needless to say, many viewers will find this show repellent, but if you're the right person, Twitch City will scratch an itch you didn't even know you had.

DVD- Twitch City - The Complete Series

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