On the outskirts of a small town sits an abandoned psychiatric hospital. A constant visitor thereis Chet, a misunderstood artist whose obsession with the hospital is fueled by the memory of his Mother, who died there years earlier. The isolation of Chet's existence starts to change when he is reunited with his boyhood friend, Ron, who reminds Chet of happier times, despite the fact Ron isn't quite the same guy he was when he originally left town. With renewed vigor, Chet decides to reach out to another misunderstood person, Cindy, an abused woman who is on the road to self-destruction. All of this causes unexpected repercussions making Chet realize that people and life itself are rarely what they seem on the surface. Cast: Lili Mirojnick (Friends with Benefits, Cloverfield, The Back up Plan) Michael Ciesla (Revolutionary Road, SpiderMan 3, Queen of Media) Production Date: 2008 Aspect: HD/16X9 Running time: 108 Minutes Sound: Stereo Available: World Wide All Media Selling Points: Selling well on DVD and IP/VOD since 2010 Sold on 80 Cable/Sat VOD/PPV 2010 Solid Cast High Production Values

DVD - Peripheral Vision

SKU: BBE-010